When going into a new project I remind myself to have patience and a teachable attitude. I have the potential to build an empire under my name and want to learn from realms outside my comfort zone. 
I aspire to wear many hats throughout my lifetime, and right now, I am focused on developing my creative and strategic talents. This includes graphic design, content production, and operations management.

I can offer innovation and a fresh perspective. My entrepreneurial spirit, calculated thought process, and societal awareness will aid brands in connecting to target audiences. I am comfortable with taking on this task alone and know I can really maximize my work in a team setting. 

My characteristics are interchangeable -- I will always be the down-to-earth creative from L.A., but I've grown to become a steadfast professional ready to take on her next big project. Life requires balance, so I apply this in and out of the office. I'd love to talk more about what I can bring to your company and find out what it can teach me. So take a look and let me know what you think!